OTTS was awarded the Afghan Logistics Specialist Essential Function 5 (ALS-EF5) Program in November of 2017 to provide comprehensive training, mentoring, subject matter expertise, and logistics management support to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) logistics commands. We have deployed a well-qualified team of U.S. Trainer/Mentor/Monitors (TMMs) to Afghanistan concurrent with our hiring of Afghan nationals to serve as Afghan Logistics Specialists (ALSs). Our principle objective is to train the ALSs in logistics processes and in the application of CoreIMS inventory management software. After training, the ALSs will be embedded as civilians within the ANDSF at deployed locations, allowing them to gain valuable experience as career logisticians. Ultimately, the training provided to individual ALSs under this program will help with career advancement in civilian areas, thus contributing to the economic development and stability of Afghanistan in the future.