The Afghan National Army Literacy Program began in 2008 as an effort to impart at least 3rd grade literacy to all ANA soldiers. In 2010 a replacement contract was awarded by the Kabul Regional Contracting Center to expand the scope of the literacy program to include the Afghan National Police.

OTTS has hired a skilled and empowered workforce of Americans and Afghan nationals to execute this contract. We work in 15 provinces in central and eastern Afghanistan, bringing 3rd grade or better reading, writing, and mathematics skills to soldiers and police. Teaching is performed at local military and police facilities, enabling class attendance in conjunction with normal Army or Police duties. While the immediate objective is 3rd grade skills, longer term objectives are to raise Officers and senior NCOs to the 12th grade level. Teaching in done in the native languages Dari and Pashtu.

The academic training is rigorous, with formative and summative examinations to test learning achievement. Results are reported monthly to the NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan and to other interested parties.

Key to our success is the establishment of strong relationships with Afghan Army and Police Leadership, and with the Afghan Ministry of Education.