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ELT Instructor – 330

English Language Training (ELT) Instructors organize and support English Language Training in geographically distributed areas, schedule courses, manage student flow, oversee daily classroom activities, instruct required ELT Programs of Instruction (POI), compile necessary reports, maintain student records, acts as the supply custodian, and assists the deputy program manager and project management liaison.

ELT Instructor – 3302019-06-21T14:32:08-04:00

Public Affairs Officer (PAO)/Gender Integration Mentor – 329

Public Affairs Officers (PAO)/Gender Integration Mentors provide mentoring to Dari/Pashto-speaking ANASOC and AAF in Media Dissemination, Media Campaign Design, Print/Photo Media Creation, Telecommunications Media Creation, and Gender Integration Mentoring.

Public Affairs Officer (PAO)/Gender Integration Mentor – 3292019-06-21T14:28:13-04:00

ELT Project Management Liaison – 328

The ELT Project Management Liaison manages day-to-day programmatic administrative functions including visa renewals, Personnel Status Reports (PERSTAT), Instructor schedules, and supply chain activities including receipt, distribution, and asset management.

ELT Project Management Liaison – 3282019-06-21T14:24:35-04:00

Electronics Maintenance Technician I/II – CAMTF – 327

Apply For This Job FT Campbell – CAMTF Summary/Scope of Work The Electronics Maintenance Technician I/II applies basic and some advanced technical knowledge to solve routine problems by interpreting manufacturers’ manuals or similar documents. Work requires familiarity with the interrelationships of circuits and judgment in planning work sequence, in selecting tools, testing instruments, [...]

Electronics Maintenance Technician I/II – CAMTF – 3272019-06-21T08:22:26-04:00

Logistics Trainer – 299

The Logistic Trainer will assist the Directorate with Training, Advising, and Assisting (TAA) in understanding how to best train the supply and requisition process.

Logistics Trainer – 2992019-06-19T16:14:02-04:00

Concept Experimentation Operational Research Analyst – 325

OTTS is seeking qualified a Concept Experimentation Operational Research Analyst at Newport News, VA. This will be in support of the Futures and Concepts Center (FCC) Blue Force, Analytical and Experiment Support Services program.

Concept Experimentation Operational Research Analyst – 3252019-06-03T08:30:00-04:00

S2 Military Intelligence Trainer / 321

Summary / Scope of Work The Trainer position is for the LTT Afghanistan Contract and will train the Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers in the required discipline. The primary goal of the LTT program is to train and directly enable the Commandos (CDO) to perform their duties independently. THIS POSITION REQUIRES U.S. CITIZENSHIP, US PASSPORT, ACTIVE SECRET CLEARANCE AND MILITARY PAY GRADE OF E7 OR HIGHER. ONLINE APPLICATION/RESUME MUST INDICATE REQUIRED EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS. ONLINE APPLICATION REQUIRED FOR CONSIDERATION FOR THIS POSITION.

S2 Military Intelligence Trainer / 3212019-05-16T15:39:54-04:00

Technical Advisor, Training and Curriculum Cell / 320

Technical Advisors are primarily focused on the training and advising aspect of the Train, Advise, Assist, and Mentor (TAAM) of Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).

Technical Advisor, Training and Curriculum Cell / 3202019-05-16T09:32:05-04:00

Advisor, Budget Oversight / 319

While there are close lines in duties and responsibilities of an Advisor and Mentor Advisor; the Mentor Advisor is more focused on the assist aspect of the Train, Advise, and Assist (TAA) mission. If properly conducted, mentoring complements advising allowing a unified concerted effort in the progress of the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). The Mentor Advisor understands most of the cultural issues, ANDSF relationships, and history and is capable of providing continuity for the coalition force, supported by cultural explanations. A Mentor Advisor is the “shadow” in which the ANDSF counterpart can confide. A Mentor Advisor, to be effective, must understand body language and expressions. He/she must be able to assess best methods to present new materials and goals in a way that is “palatable” to the ANDSF

Advisor, Budget Oversight / 3192019-05-16T09:29:40-04:00

Senior Advisor, Senior Finance / 318

The Senior Advisors in this Directorate are primarily focused at the most senior levels of MoI, MoD, functioning as key advisors, liaisons, relationship management and facilitators at the apex of Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A) advisory mission.

Senior Advisor, Senior Finance / 3182019-05-16T09:27:32-04:00