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From our first contract award in 2008 of the Afghan National Army Literacy Program, OT Training Solutions has been providing support to a variety of U.S. and international government organizations.

With a strong team and a broad scope of reference, we have continued to support and improve upon our literacy programs, ultimately managing more than 1000 teachers and administrators, and training nearly 40,000 students each month.

Additionally, we have grown throughout the years and have enhanced our key contracts to include mentoring programs, virtual simulation exercises and supporting documents, special infantry training and operational and logistics support.

Regardless of the contract focus, OT Training Solutions is fully committed to your successful outcomes. And with more than 90 percent of our employees comprised of veterans, and the majority of those being retired officers or senior NCO’s, we know we have the right team in place to make it happen.

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Contracts We’ve Been Awarded

ANA/ANSF Literacy Programs

The Afghan National Army Literacy Program began in 2008 as an effort to impart at least 3rd grade literacy to all ANA soldiers. In 2010 a replacement contract was awarded by the Kabul Regional Contracting Center to expand the scope of the literacy program to include the Afghan National Police.

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