Our instructors provide valuable combat & logistics training, as well as special forces

OT Training Solutions | Combat Training Capabilities

Working side-by-side with Soldiers, our highly-qualified instructors teach a wide variety of military skills, including those for Special Forces candidates. Combat skills are taught by former special forces personnel and U. S. Army Rangers, and logistic skills are taught by retired officers and NCO’s.

Whether marksmanship, close quarter combat, physical training or day and night operations training, OT Training Solutions provides valuable combat and logistics training, support services, and enhancements to Programs of Instruction at CONUS and OCONUS locations.

We also provide Special Forces training to the Afghan National Army at various training locations. The scope of this training includes physical conditioning, small arms and crew-served weapons training, explosive breaching, rotary-wing insertion and close-quarter battle. OT Training Solutions also provides program enhancement and staff-level mentors for Afghan National Army Special Forces units.

The OT Training Solutions team is successfully training battalion level staff functions including S-1 personnel, S-2 Intelligence and Security, S-4 Logistics, Property Book, S-6 Communications, Equipment Maintenance, Forward Service Support Company, Facility Engineering, Armorer/Gunsmith, and Food Services. We also supply interpreter/translators to support the mentor teams at all program locations.