OTTS determined a need for a Stryker trainer based on current training limitations and set out to develop a training device to rectify these limitations. We solicited SME input from Stryker Master Gunners at Fort Benning and multiple Stryker units, asking what they needed in a system and why. After years of research and development, we can proudly offer the Stryker community with two affordable options:  (1) a compact gunnery trainer contained in a transportable case that two soldiers can carry anywhere in the world, and (2) an optional driver station that provides crew coordination training.

Stryker Remote Weapon Station (RWS) Table Top Trainer

The Stryker RWS Table Top Gunnery Trainer is a stand alone PC based training device. The system allows new Gunners to become familiar with the RWS prior to any qualification, field exercise, or combat situations. The trainer also provides training to locate, identify, and engage enemy targets with the M2 and the MK19 weapons in accordance with TC 3-20.31 Crew Training and Qualification Standards. The vehicle Gunner operates the trainer and instructional system from a touchscreen monitor and controls the weapon with a high fidelity grip. Crew records are stored and can be transferred to any other Stryker Table Top Trainer. Under this contract, OTTS delivered 36 new RWS TTTs and upgraded 36 existing RWS TTTs.

Stryker Crew Trainer

The Driver Station and Instructor Operator Station are add-on accessories that interface directly with the Remote Weapon Station (RWS) Table Top Trainer, expanding its training capabilities. The Driver Station features high fidelity components including periscopes, DVE, instrumentation, switches, FFCS, and a force feedback steering system coupled with a high resolution visual system. Using the IOS, instructors can monitor training sessions, review training records, and print records directly using the on-board printer. The crew trainer setup allows for the development of section, platoon, and maneuver training scenarios, maximizing training value in a cost-effective and compact setup. OTTS delivered 72 new Driver Station and Instructor Operator Station add-on accessories as part of this contract.

Key Features:

  • Two selectable weapon platforms:  M2 .50 caliber or the MK19 40mm grenade launcher
  • Crew Coordination and Standalone User Training
  • Boresight and Zero training exercises
  • 60 training exercises across 3 visual terrain databases (Urban, Desert, and Woodland)
  • Simulated adverse visiblity conditions
  • Small footprint and Quick Set Up Time
  • Utilizes Standard 120VAC power
  • Easily transportable Pelican case
  • Portable crew records