The Stryker RWS Tabletop Gunnery Trainer is a stand-alone PC-based training device. The system allows new Commanders to become familiar with the RWS prior to any qualification, field exercise or combat situations. The trainer also provides training to locate, identify, and engage enemy targets in accordance with the Stryker HBCT Gunnery Manual standards.

Both the M2 .50 caliber and the MK19 weapons are supported. The system utilizes a high resolution display with touchscreen for system and instructor controls and for training exercise control. A high-fidelity control grip is provided to move the weapon platform and fire the weapon. When training is launched, a window appears that depicts the Stryker Fire Control Unit (FCU) including a visual representation of each bezel component. The bezel is operated through the touchscreen. The display and bezel depicts the actual size of the Stryker FCU.

The training control window is on the left side of the FCU display. The training window shows controls to launch training, to display exercise and situational data, and crew records. The FCU display depicts data displayed in each weapon system mode based on switch positions and settings.

Exercise scoring is saved for the NCOIC and is presented at the end of each exercise so the Company Commander can track each individual’s performance. The system packs and transports in a convenient 2-man lift case 18″ x 24″ x 44″. Exercises are developed to HBCT Gunnery standards. Once the Commander/Gunner has demonstrated proficiency with the FCU and controls, he has the ability to select exercises representing live combat situations.

The Stryker RWS Tabletop Gunnery Trainer is available through GSA Schedule GS-02F-131AA.

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